Who We Are

We are a state-of-the-art content processing company capable of restoring those precious and sentimental items, that in the past, were not able to be recovered. Our focus on the technology and process assures a proven solution for content restoration.

Private Secure Storage

WCC provides a safe, secure, and controlled environment for the protection of your valuables. Our facility is designed for specialty item storage such as high net worth artwork, rugs, electronics and textiles. 

Contents are stored in a fully insured, alarmed storage facility until redelivery. Possessions are always treated as if they are our own.

Returning Your Property

Our highly trained staff will first prepare your home or business for the delivery of your property. Utilizing our fleet of custom transport vehicles, your belongings will be safely returned to you. Our team will unload, un-pack and reset your possessions in their proper locations.

Cleaning Process

All inventoried items are cleaned and restored utilizing state-of-the-art methods. A detailed cleaning system includes contaminant removal, smoke odor removal methods, and cleaning restoration processes.

What We Do

Our team of certified professionals utilizes a Photo Documentation Inventory System and time tested techniques to ensure accurate and efficient pack-outs. Personal property is inventoried, securely packed and transported to the most advanced contents facility in the region.

From general contents to your most valued belongings your items undergo a variety of the most advanced processes in the industry.

Where We Serve

Los Angeles  County   –   Riverside  County  –  San Bernardino County –  Orange County



Our friendly customer service professionals are standing by.
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